QProject is a Quake3 Map viewer. The Project started two years ago as my thesis in Jaime I University.


It needs the PK3 file of Quake3 to work.

It uses DirectX 8.1.

It needs an accelerated graphic card (TNT or  better).




F1 – Full Screen or windowed.

F2 – Next deathmatch position.

F3 – Activate/Deactivate wire frame.

1 – Activate/Deactivate sky.

2 – Activate/Deactivate flares.

3 – Activate/Deactivate volumetric fog.

TAB – Activate/Deactivate console.

ESCAPE – Activate/Deactivate selection map user interface.




Use QProjectConfig.exe to set the path to find the Quake3 PK3 file and other map files. To load pak files of quake3 copy them to “Pak” directory.


How do I try it?


If you want to try it you can download the demo of Quake3 from ID-Software:

-         Download the demo and install it (http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake3-arena/index.php?game_section=demo, Win32 demo).

-         The download the QProject (QProjectPak.zip) and copy in your computer.

-         Execute the QProjectConfig and add a new Pak File, browse and select the pak0.pk3 inside the directory demoq3 inside the Quake 3 demo directory.

-         Execute QProject, select the map pressing left and right in map selector and press load.

-         Enjoy.


If you download the demo or use the full version, you can download more quake3 maps and try them in QProject, I love the map gamerhome:

-         Download the map (http://files.filefront.com/gamershome/;1633821;;/fileinfo.html).

-         Then you can put the map (the pk3 file inside the gamerhome.zip) inside Pak directory in QProject or add the map using new Pak File in QProjectConfig.

-         Execute QProject and you can select it.

-         There are a lot of maps in internet (http://www.quake3world.com/maps/, http://quake3.st-software.at/home.htm, etc).





QProjectPak.zip: Binaries.

QProjectSource.zip: Source Code.

QProjectDoc.pdfProject Memory (PDF, Spanish).


Screen Shots:




Jose Luis Sánchez Bonet