22/01/2005: Demos WebSection Updated

07/07/2004: Chankast Alpha 0.25 released

- FullScreen and multiple resolution support
- CPU core bugs fixed
- VmsBrowser integration
- LCD CMU support
- LCD VMU emulation
- Rumble pack emulation
- Control and CD plugin support
- Windows 2000 compatibility (ASPI driver)
- Command line support to run home made binaries

17/06/2004: Chankast WIP

- FullScreen implemented
- Windows 2000 compatibility
- Naomi's Virtua Striker working, see the image:

12/06/2004: Chankast alpha 0.2a released.

Bugs fixed:

- vga/ntsc bug fixed
- control pad fixed
- fixed a bug in the video renderer that was causing some game to crash

12/06/2004: Chankast alpha 0.2 released.

About the news in this release:

- Improved stability, no more random crashes during gameplay  
- Fixes to the GFX core for games such as Shenmue 1&2 and Soul Calibur  
- Better compatibility, for example Dead or Alive 2, Virtual On and many, many more  
- Optimized code for even more speed  
- Option to over- and underclock the SH4 CPU  
- Completly re-done PAD configuration screen  
- Added support for PAD plugins  
- Added an option for cable selection  
- Integrated Capcom hack into the other versions  
- Re-worked menu and help file  
- ... and many more fixes we don't really remember ;)

04/06/2004: Chankast Italian & French start tutorials added.

04/06/2004: Chankast Forums section (English and Spanish) & FAQ added.

03/06/2004: Chankast Tutorial translated in Polish by Rhay & Spanish Forums URL added in the Chankast download section.

02/06/2004: Chankast Tutorial translated to english by R.Pinedo & Forums URL added in the Chankast download section.

30/05/2004: Chankast Tutorials by Nov4k added.

29/05/2004: Chankast alpha 0.1 released. Go to the Chankast section and download it :)

29/05/2004: WebSite online.